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A Simple Guide to Voltage, Ohms, & Watts and How they Affect Vape Device

A Simple Guide to Voltage, Ohms, & Watts and How they Affect Vape Device


Vaping and the use of vape pods and mods are becoming more and more popular by the day. That’s because these vaping devices have been found to be safer and effective for quitting cigarette smoking.

However, if you’re new to vaping or want to adopt it as a smoking-cessation tool, you need to have a deep insight into some related nuances of vape devices.

There is a wide pool of options of devices, accessories, and e-liquids, and there is much you need to know about the art of vaping.

In this article, we won’t bore you with too much technical terms. We’re just going to discuss voltage, ohms, and watts and how they affect your vaping result.

Vaping explained



Vaping involves inhaling vapor produced from vaporizer or electronic cigarettes that features a tank containing a battery, atomizer, cartomizer, and an e-liquid.

The e-liquid component of vape devices is easily customizable and you can enjoy a variety of flavors, including apple, strawberry, chocolate, mint, and so on. More so, the amount of vapor you get from vaping is usually thicker, cleaner and better than that generated by tobacco cigarettes.

Apart from the wide range of e-liquid flavor, you can get to adjust the taste intensity, the strength of your puff, and the amount of vapor produced by your device. So you may decide to have a soft caress one day and get a strong throat hit another day.

You can achieve whatever you want from your vape device by adjusting wattage, resistance (ohms) and voltage in vape devices.

When you keep the voltage high and resistance low, you can get a stronger throat hit with more vapour and intense taste, and vice versa.

What is ohm?



Ohm is the unit for resistance and it is inversely proportional to the current passing through your device. The higher the resistance, the lesser current flowing through it.  The lower the resistance, the higher the current passing through your device.

The lower the resistance in a vape product, the more current will flow through the coil, and here are some of the implications:

  • Low resistance means more current
  • More current means more heat will be produced by the coil
  • More hear results in more vapor production
  • More vapor leads results in stronger throat hit
  • Vapor is less intense and warmer
  • The battery is discharged faster
  • The battery lifespan shortens
  • E-liquid burns out faster

A high-resistance will lead to the opposite of the above-listed results.

What is watts?

Watts is a unit of the amount of power used by your vape device. You can adjust the intensity of throat hit, taste, and the amount of vapor produced by your device by adjusting the power (watts) produced by the battery and provided to the atomizer.

What is voltage?

Voltage is a measure of the potential energy between two points in a circuit. Voltage basically helps in adjusting the wattage of your vaporizer, and this governs the working of your vape device.

You can actually adjust the intensity of the current supplied to the atomizer in two ways – either by keeping the voltage variable or by keeping the wattage variable.

If the voltage in vape devices is kept high, more current is allowed into your atomizer, which supports more vapor production and vice versa.

Both wattage and voltage work almost the same way. These two factors both impart flavor and throat high tendency.

Variable voltage controls the amount of power running through your device, while variable wattage adjusts the power automatically.

Adjusting the voltage or wattage too high will result in more current that could burn the e-liquid causing a burnt taste, but an intensified throat hit and more vapor. However, you can adjust based on your preferences and tastes and the kind of e-liquid you’re using.

Final Remark

There you have the basic nuances related to vaping. This is only a theoretical explanation; you’ll understand it better when you’re in act yourself. Try adjust the resistance and voltage/wattage, and see what happens. These parameters are simple to adjust; you only need to slide a button up or down to change the voltage in vape device and get the best ohms for vaping.  

To make your vaping session easier, you can try our wide range of vape mods and BP mods. The more you experiment, the faster you’ll find your best settings for the best experience.

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