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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults.

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How to choose what’s Right Nicotine Strengths for You

Deciding the right nicotine strength is a major concern, especially when you’re switching from cigarette smoking to vaping. If it turns out that you do not hit your nicotine level after switching, there is a probability that you’ll want to return to your smoking. Therefore, when you purchase vape juice, ensure to make a clear choice on nicotine level.

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What Is Nicotine?

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Nicotine is a substance gotten from tobacco plants and is also found in plants such as potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes in low volume. The alkaloid plant has nitrogen content and has the chemical semblance of things like cocaine and coffee.

In 1g of tobacco, nicotine is about 20mg. It is heavy in cigarettes but an optional additional to vape juice. There are various nicotine volumes of 12mg, 6mg, 3mg, and 0mg. Some can be up to 50 mg, but your strength should determine the amount you can take. Note that nicotine levels could also be expressed as mL or %.

Nicotine content in vape juice is expected to help former tobacco smokers manage their cravings. Experienced nicotine users have various reports of its relaxant and stimulant effects. There have been reports of its calmness, alertness, and elevation effect on consumers.

However, a general perspective is that the use of nicotine can become psychologically and physically addictive.

As a new vaper, it is important to find your balance. If you consume too little, you might be wind up quickly over vaping, and if too much, develop a long consistent cough. You might even acquire a bottle of vape juice, only to be dissatisfied with its nicotine level.

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Nic Salts and Regular Nicotine

Nic salt was first introduced into the vaping market by JUUL, and it has helped more ex-tobacco smokers to choose to vape. Nic salts e-liquid is largely responsible for the rise in nicotine strengths from 3mg to 6mg, or to 12mg, or even 60mg in shops online.

Nic salt or protonated nicotine leverages on an acid that makes it tolerable for a vaper to use higher concentrations of nicotine.

While there are exceptions, regular nicotine on the other hand can be harsh at its high levels. Vape juice of 18mg/mL and below contains regular nicotine. And above that, nic salts are used.

What’s The Right Nicotine Strength for You?

If you are newly switching to the use of vape devices to determine your nicotine strength, you’ll have to consider two key factors. First is your smoking habit, and second is your choice of vape. Here are a few helpful suggestions to get you decided on your nicotine strengths.

  • 18mg to 20mg nicotine level

This is for people who take a high volume of cigarettes each day. If you take more than one pack of cigarettes every day, you may want to consider the nicotine levels of this volume. Bear in mind that your vape juice strength also determines what vape device you’ll be using.

  • 12mg nicotine level

Average smokers with up to one pack of daily cigarettes should find satisfaction with this nicotine level. You can start here to finally put your cigarette smoking past behind you.

  • 6mg nicotine level

 If you have just around 10 smoking sticks per day, you’ll be comfortable with this. It is low, but will still offer you the kind of nicotine charge you are craving.

  • 3mg nicotine level

 This is the final step for nicotine consumption. Users switching from light smoking with only very few sticks of cigars per day will find this nicotine level comfortable.

  • Omg nicotine level

This option is free. Smokers who are not addicts, and only have random cigarettes when they just feel like will prefer this. Non-smokers too who just feel like blowing some vapors can choose this. Feel free to find what suits you best.

Final Remark

These suggestions can help you choose the right nicotine strength for you. Get started with these base on your level of cigarette smoking before switching. You may also want to test out other nicotine strengths for more comfort. Check out the best collection of vape mods. 

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