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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults.

How to Inhale a Vape? - DOVPO Official

How to Inhale a Vape?

How to Inhale a Vape?


Traditional cigarette smokers who are new to vaping often find the experience a bit disappointing at first because of the difference in how you inhale a vape compared to a cigarette. Knowing how to inhale a vape properly is important to uncovering a memorable experience on your first vape kit.


The method of puffing a vape device is not the same as tobacco smoking. Its intro electronic structure is specifically designed to offer beyond the regular smoking experience. Our Abyss AIO 60w Kit is specifically designed with smokers’ satisfaction in mind, exceeding what you’ll get from usual smokes.


Here’s How to Vape in Two Easy Steps


As a starter, keeping your vaping simple will increase your chances of being successful at it. Simple vape devices are easy to use and are not inferior in any way to the advanced options.


Step 1: Get a vape starter kit


The basic starter kits may have different shapes and designs but they have almost the same method of generating vapor. They however come in different price ranges and could be as low as $20 and high as $60. You can consider one of these four major categories of the device – they are either prefilled or refillable:


  • AIOs
  • Pod vapes
  • E-cigarettes
  • Disposable e-cigarettes


Each kit is accompanied by the manufacturer’s instructions on how you can get the best result on a specific kit. Aside from the prefilled kits, users will have to refill the other types with their own e-juice.


Step 2: Select a favorable vape juice for your kit


Go for the best e-liquid for your specific kit type. Select your preferred flavor and nicotine level. Usually, you’ll see bottles that contain a lower level of nicotine juice in bigger bottles (30mL or more), smaller bottles (30mL or less) contain higher nicotine vape juice.


Different users have their different nicotine preference but it is important to be aware of the general recommendations that offer the best experience to individual users. 


  • O mg to 6 mg (lower nicotine) – best with high power
  • 6mg to 12 mg (medium nicotine) – best with medium to low power
  • 12 mg to 60 mg (higher nicotine) – best with less power 


If you are unable to determine the nicotine level best for you, then check out for the range you’ll appreciate better. Do you smoke lightly or heavily?


Vapes with extra-high nicotine levels are often more intense and felt really fast than others with lower nicotine which is often not as intense and requires more to be felt. After determining your nicotine level, start at the lowest, and grow from there. However, ensure that your vape device suits that projected nicotine level.


How Do I Inhale Vape Properly?


To inhale vape properly, there are few vaping options to pick from. It all depends on your choice of the hit.


Get the choicest e-juice for your kit


Go for the most appealing flavor to you and determine your preferred nicotine level.


Mouth-To-Lung Vaping


Mouth-to-lung vaping method is a perfect method for smaller vapes with high resistance coils and high levels of nicotine.


Similar to what most smokers experience with cigarettes, simply draw the vape slowly into your mouth, hold it between your shut lips for very few seconds, then open your mouth and breathe it down to your lungs.


Do not exhale the vapor until it has entered your lungs. This method works nicely for cigarette-smoking addicts who want to quit smoking for vapes.


Direct Lung Vaping


Direct lung vaping works best with larger vapes having e-liquid with less nicotine level. This method is not as difficult as the mouth-to-lung vaping style.


All you have to do is to draw the vape quickly, and directly to your lungs and puff out almost instantly. Many serial vapers think starters should take 3-7 draws on their e-cigarettes before retaining the vapor for multiple seconds in their mouths, and then inhale to their lungs or exhale directly.


Final Remark

Following this guide on how to inhale a vape will help you ditch cigarettes totally and boost your health with vaping. Pick up our Topside Dual 200W Squonk Box Mod Special Edition for your vape journey. Check a collection of more vape mods to make more picks whether as a starter or seasoned vaper. 

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