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Pros and Cons of Vaping You Should Consider


Vaping is now a popular alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Apart from the pleasant feeling, it has been found to be helpful to users, especially in smoking cessation.
However, vaping gets a lot of bad press. Tabloid headlines stress that vaping is dangerous, while medical researchers continue to point out that vaping is much safer and cleaner than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Well, you might be confused if you don’t know the truth, especially when you’re trying to make a transition. But we’ve got you covered. In this article, we shall be showing you the truth and clearly state the pros and cons of vaping in this article.

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Pros of Vaping


It is safer than smoking

The greatest advantage of vaping is that it does not involve combustion like what you get with smoking. This means with vaping, there is no production of tar, ash, and smoke – which are associated with the long-term damage from smoking.

Instead, vaping supports improved heart and lung function, and even better senses of taste and smell.

Control over nicotine intake

When you vape, you determine the nicotine dosage that you want to use. You can choose from the different range of e-liquid strengths, from nicotine-free to high-strength nicotine.

Most vapers tend to start high and gradually reduce the nicotine strength or even eliminate it completely.

No noxious odor

When you vape, your body, clothes, car, and the house won’t smell smoke. Instead, vaping leaves a pleasant aroma. Even tobacco-flavored vapes do not produce any smell like burning tobacco. Most times, the smell of vapor is not noticed.

Endless flavor options



Vaping gives you a chance to choose from a wide variety of flavor options in e-juice. The popular flavor categories include desserts, fruit, mint, beverages, tobacco, and menthol.

The good part is that if you’re not pleased with what’s available commercially, you can simply make your own vape juice.

Control over the amount of vapor exhaled

Unlike smoking, you can control how much vapor you want to exhale from your vape device.

Some vapers prefer to use smaller devices like pods as they produce low vapor volume. Other devices like high-powered mods are suitable for producing huge vapor clouds.

The ability to adjust the airflow, power output, and coil types give you a chance to fine-tune your vapor output. So you can decide to be showy as you like or be subtle and stealthy, depending on your preference.



Other pros include:

  • You don’t need any experience to vape
  • You can easily find vape products in vape shops, gas stations, convenience stores, and even smoke shops
  • Vaping gives you a chance to enjoy instant satisfaction
  • Vaping products are available in almost all price ranges, from $10 to $100 and above.

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Cons of vaping

Smoking stigma

A lot of people dehumanize vapers just like smokers because they feel these two methods are similar. So people, who switch to this smoking cessation tool are often disheartened when they realize they face the same stigmatization rooted in intolerance, ignorance, and fear.

A wide pool of choices

The endless options of vaping products in the market can be overwhelming, and a new vaper or smoker trying to switch to vaping may become confused if not properly guided.

While you can pick a brand of cigarette, light up, and smoke, there are literally millions of choices of vape products. That’s why it is advisable for starters to get easy-to-use vape products with simple instructions to follow.

There are many vape options that come with advanced hardware and these products are meant for experts. Beginners may find it hard to understand the complex instruction or information that comes with these products.

This may lead to people thinking vaping generally needs a complex set of skills or knowledge to do it properly. But in the real sense, vaping is actually very simple than it may appear.



Uncertain health risk

Although many studies have shown that there are no negative health effects to vaping, there is still a lot of doubt as vaping is a new phenomenon.

But if you’re vaping as a smoking-cessation method, you can be sure that you’re safe from the well-documented dangers of smoking.

The harmful substances in cigarette smoke are completely absent from e-cig vapor or present in tiny amounts. This makes vaping much safer.

Other cons of vaping includes:

  • Vaping is perceived as a youth problem
  • Nicotine misinformation
  • Restrictive laws and rules
  • Scary headlines

What’s your choice?

Now that you know the vaping pros and vaping pros, you should understand that it’s a great alternative to smoking. Although there are other methods to tackle cigarette addiction, none gives a subtle distraction than vaping as it offers both nicotine and a smoking-like experience. The good part is that vaping does not have the combustion products that make smoking harmful.

Final Remark

Vaping may not be the only answer, but whatever you decide, always keep in mind the benefits you stand to gain from vaping over the downsides.

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