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Vape Pod vs. Vape Mod

Vape Pod vs. Vape Mod



The vaping world can sometimes get you confused with several different terminologies that probably mean the same. You may have come across vape pods and vape mods and are not sure of what they mean exactly when it comes to vaping.


Whether you are a starter or a legendary vaper and the options open to you as regards vape accessories, vape juices, flavors, and vaporizers can seem quite overwhelming with inventions popping up often. However, some very important differences you need to know between vape pods and vape mods boil down to factors such as the power of vape device, size, e-liquid, and how affordable they are.


They have different looks and are designed to achieve different vaping experiences. Vape mods are created for top-notch flavor and vapor while vape pods on the other hand have smaller looks, are much easier to set up, and are more convenient to use. 

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What Are Vape Mods


Vape Pod vs. Vape Mod


Vape mods (mods from ‘modifiable’) are devices in the form of boxes that provide vapers with more power and vapor using sub-ohm technology.  With these advances, vapers are able to do some modifications to the vaporizer’s moveable parts which include wicks and coils to alter the resistance of power and the mechanics. This will help adjust the vaper’s temperature and power to ultimately improve the cloud size of the vapor or and flavor.


What Do I Need To Know About Vape Mods?


With many vapers now opting to choose their own preferred juice flavor, mods help to store the juice in a tank. The adjustment features to uncover most vape box mods to boost the production of clouds and flavor make vape mods for creative vapers who are interested in trying out new vaping experiences.


One of the cons of vape mods is their price and size. As a result of the wide range of e-liquid choices and moveable parts, you’re not likely to find it convenient moving about with a box mod. You’ll need to move around with a spare box, and set it up when you need to vape.


When it comes to functionality, mods and pods have quite a few variations. There are vaping styles that you’ll find difficult to do with pod devices when using the mod. For instance, a mod device will allow you to generate a good amount of vapor when used with vegetable glycerin.

Vegetable glycerin is an e-juice element that makes it possible to create increased dense vapor. 



This is one reason why many vapers will rather opt for mod devices in conjunction with vegetable glycerin for intense cloud production. In fact, aside from nicotine delivery, several vape users will prefer mods for flavor and cloud production. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot vape nicotine with vape mod, however many users find it more satisfying using nicotine capsules.


Mods also have a bigger size and their voltage and power can easily be adjusted. With the mod vape, users can also customize the gadget to their vaping style.


One more thing to note is that whenever you want to puff with vape mods, you’ll have to always press the firing button.


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Vape Pods



Vape pods, otherwise known as pod devices or pods, are kinds of electronic cigarettes that use disposable pods. They are very small and can fit between two fingers, consisting of a battery and pod fitted in one unit. Hence, they are quite easy to move around unlike the mod devices.


They come in two major categories: refillable pods and prefilled and disposable pods. Prefilled and disposable pods are not as popular as refillable pods. A refillable pod offers users more control over their vaping activities. Basically, you can decide your favorite e-juice.


Pods are easier to use than pods and are majorly auto-draw devices with only necessary parameters as pods are meant to stimulate cigarette smoking as they do not often have adjustable wattage. For instance, pods are similar to cigarettes as they are MTL devices.


Pods are specifically designed for stealth vaping and the use of nicotine. They have evolved over the years and are now effective with good battery life and flavor production. Pods can also be considered for users in need of a more cost-effective device.


Vape pods do not have so many remarkable features like mods. But they are preferred by vapers considering more discreet vapes.


Final Remark


There are significant differences between the mod device and pod device. Vape mods appear more capable of creating more vapor and taste than vape pods, and vape pods, on the other hand, are lighter, portable, and more discrete. 

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