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Blotto Max RTA

  • $39.99

The Blotto RTA series is very beloved by RBA vapers. And this winter, Vaping Bogan & DOVPO release the latest Blotto Max RTA to fulfill all Blotto lovers’ dream.

We' ve taken the iconic blotto design and maximised it . bigger , more airflow & increased build space . 

Original Honeycomb Air Flow

The Blotto Max RTA continues the original honeycomb air ring, which is smooth to adjust. It also comes with honeycomb holes inside the posts to provide an advanced air diffusion solution. When the air flows through the RTA, the honeycomb holes deliver the air evenly through the wire & cotton, offering superior options to match your taste. You can tell the capacity profile layer by layer from one deep puff.

Elevated Metal Backed Airflow Posts

For the latest Blotto Max RTA posts, we utilized stainless steel to seal the honey-combed style posts, to be more tolerable to the heat.  When vaping, the air goes through the posts and is diffused from the honeycomb holes to the wet cotton evenly, to provide a refreshing and loyal taste to vapers.


Top Refill Design

The reliable top refilling design prevents leaking risks. Simply twist the cap and open the top cap, refill the capacity and push it back and twist it again, and you’re ready to experience awesome vaping.



  • 272 Degree Airflow 
  • Elevated Metal Backed Airflow Posts 
  • Strengthened AFC Ring & Base
  • Dual Diffusion Airflow System 
  • Top Filling System 
  • 3.8ML (TPD Version: 2.0ML ) & 6.2ML Capacity 
  • Improved Cotton Well Design 
  • 28MM Diameter



    Package Contents:
    • 1 x Blotto MAX RTA
    • 1 x Glass Bubble Tube
    • 1 x PCTG Bubble Tube
    • 1 x Accessory Bag
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Bottle Opener