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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults.


DNP Replacement Coils

  • $7.50

The DNP is DOVPO’s first pre-built coil system, years of results that our R&D team has contributed. Aiming to have vapers the ultimate experience.

Not only extremely easy to install and replace, but also has great flavors for DL or RDL vaping preference.



Why DNP is a coil system?

As a vape brand, we’ll have many more sub-ohm tanks coming in the near future. Can’t say all, but most of the tanks will be compatible with this DNP coil to reduce the pressure of buying a lot of different coils.



The DNP features mesh coil & premium quality of cottons to ensure the great flavor. Mesh coils is the main steam coils on market, famous & beloved by its convenience of wicking. Our team has done thousands of testings to make sure the best ratio of cottons to make sure it absorbs juice quickly and performs magnificent, as well as the duration performance。