Futon Ohm Tab(Luxury Edition)

The Futon Ohm Tab is a V/W adjustable coil tab with many bright spot functions which may even bring you a brand new experience that you've never found on any other coil tabs.

This coil tab has a very portable size (55×80×24mm, smaller than a cigarette pack).The aluminum alloy CNC-milled body with four 3M rubber pads on the bottom bring it a great texture, grate durability and great stability when it’s placed on the table.

The Futon Ohm Tab has a side fire button which is pleasing to press with your left hand index finger. Mode select button, +/- buttons, screen and 510 port are on the top. And there is a type-C USB interface which support 1A current input on the Futon Ohm Tab so it can plays an emergency charger for your 18650 battery.

Moreover, you may be surprised when you open up the rear cover and find a “trunk” right next to the battery compartment. You can place some cotton, pre-winded coils, pre-rolled mesh coils, small screwdrivers, screws, O-rings or any other small vape stuff inside the “trunk”. In this case, your Futon Ohm Tab is no longer just a coil tab, but also becomes a tool kit and an 18650 charger. Ready to carry this multi-functional coil tab around on your short-term tours or business trips?