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Blotto Max RTA & BLOTTO V1.5 RTA - DOVPO

Blotto Max RTA & BLOTTO V1.5 RTA

The Blotto MAX RTA and Blotto V1.5 are the flagship vape tanks of the DOVPO Blotto Series.

These two tanks bring with them an out-of-this-world experience for any individual that wants a great time vaping.

The Blotto Max RTA and Blotto v1.5 offer a classic, fun-filled experience, only comparable to a Super Bowl final.

The properties of these two blotto tanks would give you 'goosebumps'

Tank Material  



Their tanks are made up of transparent glass, so you can easily see the capacity inside as you vape.

It’s a good one if you don’t like having to guess whether your vape tank is "half empty or half full" of your capacity. 

Besides, the transparency of the tank does make it attractive to the eye.

But that's not where the good stuff ends.

One of the coolest features of the DOVPO Blotto tanks is that they can be easily disassembled whenever you need to clean them. And needless to add, taking out the straight glass is easy as pie.

That said, we know that vaping is nothing without comfort. And with the Blotto tanks, you’re guaranteed a leak-proof tank, so no need to bother about the capacity spilling over and causing a mess. 




Although you can actually use a double coil on both blotto RTAs, it's important that you optimize, to get the best out of each of them. What do I mean?

The Max seems to work just fine with a double coil to hit the smoke, while the V1.5 works better with a single coil.

They both have a rebuildable atomizer which means that you have more freedom to tune the coil resistance, wicking, wattage, and so on, to suit your needs.

It's an absolute stunner for anybody that would love to install the coils into positive and negative terminals by themselves.  

You'd get the pleasure of installing the wick by carefully threading enough cotton through the center of the coil.

Importantly, one thing to do to avoid shortening the lifespan of your coil is to make sure the wicking is done properly.




The bright silver color of the Blotto V1.5 RTA would make anybody proud of the vape they’ve got with them. The silver color gives it an aesthetic look which will definitely make it look cool while you vape. Besides, the colors don’t wear off! 

And if silver is not your thing, then you can choose from any of the varieties of colors, for both Blotto RTAs.

 The BLOTTO MAX RTA has several colors to offer, including black, gunmetal, and stainless steel, while The BLOTTO V 1.5 RTA also offers Gunmetal and Black colors.




The DOVPO Blotto Max RTA and BLOTTO V1.5 RTA both have one of the best airflow systems in the game that would give you a good hit when you draw it.

They both come with a 272-degree, dual diffusion airflow system that would surely give you the smoothest draw

They also have the superior and original honeycomb airflow that is smooth to adjust.

The nature of their honeycomb airflow is a good reason why these two beautiful tanks give that sweet sense of satisfaction whenever you vape.

 They also have elevated metal-backed airflow posts which support better heating and options production.

You’d get an increased amount of air to your coil when you maximize the airflow system of the device.

 The fresh airflow produced encourages condensed vapor that would give you a sensational, thicker cloud, for a glorious vaping experience.

To sum up, note that only a few vaping products can give you the best experience. And the DOVPO Blotto Max RTA and Blotto v1.5 are definitely at the top of that list.




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