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DOVPO Products ED-ID Number List - DOVPO

DOVPO Products ED-ID Number List

As one of the most beloved vape brand, DOVPO has already finished the TPD registration for all products. And all DOVPO products have been notified MHRA via the European Common Entry Gate (EU-CEG). You can learn more information about MHRA on GOV.UK.

If you still need any further information, feel free to contact Thank you! 

TPD No. Product Name ECID No.
TCT190708C022 Dovpo MVVII Box Mod   02319-19-00103
TCT180926C014 Dovpo Topside Single/SE Box Mod   02319-18-00108
TCT190219C002 Dovpo Topside Dual/SE Box Mod  02319-19-00102
TCT191203C015 Dovpo VARIANT RDA   02319-19-00003
TCT191121C001 Dovpo  Topside Lite Kit   02319-19-00001
TCT200114C015 Dovpo Odin200 Box Mod   02319-20-00002
TCT200703C002 Dovpo DNA60 COLLEGE 02319-20-00007
TCT191106C003 Dovpo DNA250C Odin Box Mod  02319-19-00004
TCT200515C025 Dovpo DNA75C Odin mini Box Mod 02319-20-00004
TCT191225C032 Dovpo DNA75 MONO SQ Box Mod  02319-20-00001
TCT191111C007 Dovpo Topside SQ MECH Squonk Mod 02319-19-00002
TCT200325C005 Dovpo Clutch MECH Mod  02319-20-00003
TCT190708C021 Dovpo Blotto RTA 
TCT191217C021 Dovpo Blotto RTA Mini  02319-19-00005
TCT200513C027 BP MODS Pioneer RTA 02319-20-00005  
TCT190724C009  Dovpo Peaks pod kit 02319-19-00108
Dovpo D-Salt POD KIT
TCT190708C020 Dovpo Topside Lite Mod Only  02319-19-00106
TCT190219C001 Dovpo Nickel 230w Box Mod 02319-19-00101
TCT180118C009 Dovpo Rogue 100 box Mod 02319-18-00101
TCT180118C010 Dovpo MVV Box Mod 02319-18-00102
TCT180118C011 Dovpo Trigger 168 Box Mod 02319-18-00103
TCT180118C012 Dovpo VEE Box Mod 02319-18-00104
TCT180322C007 Dovpo thunder 200 Box Mod 02319-18-00105
TCT180322C006 Dovpo Punisher 90 Box Mod 02319-18-00106
TCT180704C023 Dovpo Basium Dual Battery mod 02319-18-00107
TCT200918C024 DOVPO TOP GEAR 02319-20-00009
TCT200812C001 DOVPO ODIN100 BOX MOD 02319-20-00008
TCT201109C008 DOVPO bp mods Hilt Mosfet mod 02319-20-00011
TCT201106C023 DOVPO RIVA BOX MOD 02319-20-00010

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