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Why we use DNA chip? - DOVPO

Why we use DNA chip?

The most recent addition in the world of vape is the DNA Mod which is already driving people crazy. Let's see if they are any better from the other regular mods or not.

What is DNA chip?

Before starting off, lets study about the DNA chips that are used in these mods that making them the best of their kind. The DNA chip is a chipset that is invented by Evolv Vapor, under the name of the company named as Evolv LLC, a company that is based out of Hudson, Ohio. This company is known as the oldest and best company in the market of E-cigarette modding. The chips built in this company increases the worth of the Mods. Due to this factor and the quality of the chips, they have earned a great respect in the eyes of large number of people. This chip regulates power and constantly delivers output along with providing functionality to your device. This chip is fixed to the display screen that provides a display of battery life, voltage, resistance and wattage. This DNA chip has undergone a number of ad revisions. The most recent model is DNA 30, having an output of 30 Watts. The other DNA chips available include DNA 250, DNA 200, DNA 75 color, DNA 75, DNA 60, and DNA 30.

DNA mods vs regular mods

DNA mods are the vaping devices that have DNA chipset installed in them, unlike other non-DNA mods. Every mod that comes with a DNA chip is responsible for giving a better vaping experience. The reason behind the popularity of these DNA modes is the efficiency. They are proved to be extremely accurate when it comes to the regulation of the coil temperature. The chip is adhered to the screen and once it is correctly attached, you can enjoy the best and useful vaping features. Moreover, due to this controllable regulation of coil temperature, you can easily track the important information like coil resistance and battery life. In addition to this, They comprise of an incorporated battery using a high drain of 18650 which allows you quick swapping feature. Every device consisting of a DNA chip will display the same features regardless of the manufacturer of the Mod resulting in the best experience.

Why DNA mods?

If you are still confused about the DNA mods then there are some other benefits explained below which can assist you in taking decision.

  • Extended battery life

The DNA chips installed in the Mod enables the power to be used very efficiently, resulting in the longer battery life and enjoying longer vaping sessions.

  • Precision and consistency

While using a non-DNA mode, you may notice that the hits you are taking feel different every time irrespective of the fact that you are using the same coils and the wattage settings. This is due to the fact that many vaporizers are unable to produce the amount of power they display. DNA mod is designed to deliver the same and the right amount of power constantly even when the battery is running low.

  • Improved safety features

despite better functionality and performance features, DNA mod also provides you the safety that results in the peace of a mind while vaping. Furthermore, it prevents fire if the coils short circuits, preventing any harmful event like property damage or injury. Also, it does not push the battery to a dangerous discharge level eliminating the chance of explosion.

  • Customizability

DNA mods have many features that allow you to customize your vape experience. They are designed with a variable voltage which gives a very precise voltage control and complete control over the temperature that automatically adjusts and maintains the temperature. If you have an advanced level of knowledge about it, you can make use of the Escribe software to make changes to the DNA chipset in order to achieve an enhanced level of customization.

After reading all the details about the DNA mods, I know you want one of your own now. DOVPO is one the most reliable brands that keep producing DNA mods. Why not check on our produtcs (Click here) today & see which DNA mod you like?

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