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How to Fix Vape Tank Leaking

How to Fix Vape Tank Leaking

Your vape device may suffer leakage at some point, and this can get you really frustrated about it. But when you know how to fix vape tank leaking, you’ll have the full satisfaction that you crave.

You really should not worry over odd bit of vape capacity, as its normal, but when your tank is obviously dripping it, there are quite a number of things that could be responsible. You often be able to fix it in just 5 minutes. Our guide will put you through troubleshooting the faults and fixing the problem. 

Here’s why your vape tank may be leaking, and how you can fix it

  1. Fill Your Vape Tank Properly

The most common reason for vape tank leaking is when the tank is not properly filled. So, when you are filling your tank, ensure that you do not mistakenly fill or spill a portion of the capacity in the chimney. The chimney is that tube you’ll see passed to the mouthpiece through the center of the tank.

When there is a spill of capacity to the chimney, the tank gurgles and leaks. So, be careful to fill your tank without spilling capacity into the chimney of the vape device. And even when you accidentally do, you can easily clean it with a paper towel. Add Pioneer V1.5 RTA  to CART now. 

  1. Replace Damaged or Ripped O-ring

The O-ring in your vape device is a rubber ring which is often located beneath the tank and at the top area. The O-ring may be damaged or ripped and could cause the tank to leak. If your vape tank has a damaged O-ring, capacity will pop out because of lack of air seal. You can easily get replacements online.

To install them, you simply need to take your tank apart, take out the old ring from the tank, and put in the new ones you’ve got.

  1. Place or Store Your Vape Device in Vertical Position

The problem that arises with vape tank leaking is also a frequent and easily overlooked one. You vape device might leak if you move it or store it regularly in horizontal position. When you place a vape tank on its side for a long time, there may be possibility of the capacity finding its way out of the airflow holes of the vape device. Fix this problem by simply placing the tank in vertical position for a longer time.

  1. Change an Old or Faulty Coil

If the coil in your device is faulty or old, it may be responsible for leakage on your device. Sometimes, this issue may not seem obvious. Check the condition of your coil – is it old or faulty? Fix this by making sure that the coil is properly screwed in. And if it continues to leak, then it is better that you replace it.

Final Remark

One of the highly recommended ways to avoid vape tank leaking is to regularly maintain your device. If you refuse to do periodic vape tank cleaning but continue to use it, leftover capacity in it can result into some unexpected problems with the tank’s air seal and make it start leaking.

So, it is important that you regularly clean your tank by rinsing it and allowing it air dry all through the night. And when you do this often, be sure that you are not also misusing the device – there shouldn’t be any leak if you do this.

If you had a leaking tank, these vape tank fix options could help you troubleshoot the problem and get the problem solved. Check out our affordable Variant RDA here





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