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What Are Vape Coils?

What Are Vape Coils?

As a vaping first-timer, you’re likely to find it hard joggling around some of the vaping terminologies – vape coils, coils, atomizer heads, atomizers, and many more. Different words are used to achieve one thing but are very much important to your overall vaping experience. So, to begin with, what are vape coils?

Vape coils are that part of vape devices that are wire-wrapped and kept spiral inside the wicking material of your vape device. The coils are concerned with heating up the capacity in your vapes and turning them to vapor.

When you use a vape, you add capacity to the wick, turn the battery on, and then heat up the coil which thereafter turns the capacity to vapor. The vapor then moves up through the device’s tank chimney, also known as clearomizer, and gives out vapor for you to inhale.

Coils’ wires are produced from a variety of conductive materials that can resist heat and are largely stainless steel.  

The three parts of an atomizer head comprise the main body, coil, and wicking material.

The main body

The main body is directly attached to the vaper’s tank base. It provides support to all the components of the atomizer head and also gives the coil electrical contact.

Wicking material

The wicking material is an absorbent often in the form of a silica rope or natural cotton located within the atomizer head and inserted through the coil or surrounds it.


As earlier stated, the coil is responsible for converting the energy to heat, and then turns capacity saturate around the wicking material to vapor.

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What Is Coil Resistance?

Atomizer heads which are responsible for producing heat energy in the device, have electrical resistance values measured in ohms. The volume of electrical resistance required will determine the ‘ohm’ of your atomizer head.

Atomizer heads are typical of two categories, and they are high and low resistance.

High resistance coil

A high resistance coil is an atomizer head that is more than 1.0 ohm. They are often kept at low usage power and are good for regular production of vapor. High resistance coils use reduced capacity and are more suitable with most vapes.

Low resistance coil

A low resistance coil is an atomizer head that is less than 1.0 ohm. It is widely referred to as “sub-ohm” and requires higher powers. It also uses more capacity, produces larger clouds of vapor, and doesn’t generally suit all vapes.

Different types of coil wire we have

Most vape devices use coils made from Kanthal or Nichrome, and there is a wide range of others used by other vapers. Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Nikel are also being used, but they are not as popular as the ones from Nichrome and Kanthal. They are used for temperature control and are not specifically suitable for all vapes.

How do some vapers produce massive vapor clouds?

This is determined by the resistance of the atomizer head. As earlier stated, a lower resistance coil accommodates more power and therefore massive clouds of vapor. Users found exhaling bigger clouds of vapor, consume more capacity, and also more battery power.


What coil is suitable for me?

The coil that will suit will be determined by what exactly works for you. There are vapers who would rather opt for atomizer heads that will last them a long time without being bothered about large clouds, and do not also use a lot of capacity all through the day.

Other vapers may be glad about consuming capacity consistently and also create huge vapor clouds often. So, you’ll have to try out what works for you.

Final remark

Vape coils have a simple replacement setup. While you may not need to replace quickly, if you have to, simply purchase a pack of atomizer heads (or replacement coils) for your vape device, take out the old coil, and put the new one. This 7 in 1 coil will perfectly meet your need.  



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