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How to wick the Blotto Single Coil. - DOVPO

How to wick the Blotto Single Coil.

How to wick the Blotto Single Coil.


This guide has been created buy user @PDG from the Planet of the Vapes UK Vape Forum and offers a step by step guide on how to fit a coil and how to wick the deck.



Method is slightly different for anticlockwise (right hand) and clockwise (left hand) winding - here left and right hand are used as with a screw thread direction.

First prepare the coil by forming the legs to a roughly 90° angle as required by the build deck - they should cross on a right-hand wind:

And they should separate on a left-hand wind:

Next, using the supplied skull tool, lay the coil in the hole so that one leg is measured at a time - right:

And left:

Once cut flush with the edge of the tool, insert as far as possible into the coil holes. The coil will initially sit almost touching the deck (too low) but once tensioned with a forming rod will be concentric with the airflow posts - an even gap around the coil:

Pulse / pinch / spread / strum to preference and move onto wicking!


Start with installing your coil, getting it nicely centred in the chamber and wick with a decent length of tail.

For 3mm coils all it needs is a gentle rake out to thin ever so slightly, 2.5mm coils seem to match the wick ports perfectly with nothing more than a little fluffing.

A useful guide to the length of tail required is to trim equal to the lower edge of the seal while applying gentle pressure, just enough to hold it in place.

Tuck the tails through the ports.

At this point they may look too long, they're not...

Next gently pull the ends of the wick down into the well below the deck, fanning them out.

Prime and pulse to soak the wick fully before installing the tank section, then fill. The wick should be easily visible and still fan shaped.



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