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What Is An Atomizer?



Atomizers are popular in the vaping world; little wonder one of the most popular questions in an open forum is “what is an atomizer?” Well, the truth is that you cannot talk about vape devices or e-cigarettes without mentioning vape atomizers because it is the most important part of these devices.

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The concept of an atomizer

The name “Vape atomizer” is the heating element that gives a mix of vapor and options from capacity. It is actually an umbrella term that describes the unit housing the wick and coils (heaters).

The atomizer vape is powered by a battery that fuels the coil. When you draw air through the mouthpiece or press the fire button, the battery becomes activated, which then powers up the atomizer.

The wick inside the atomizer delivers the capacity to the coils and from there it is heated to produce vapor.  The capacity itself is absorbed in a material called poly-fill. The saturation level of this poly-fill is controlled by the absorbency of the wick.

The wick continues to pull more capacity into the atomizer to replace the one that has been evaporated. And the atomizer goes on creating more vapors.  

The structure of an atomizer



Basically, the atomizer refers to the unit that contains the wick and the e-coils. However, different components work together to produce the desired vapor and options, including:


The battery of the atomizer gives the power supply, without which you cannot heat the coil to produce vapor.




The cartridge is the small compartment holding the capacity or vape capacity. It only comes in contact with the wick as it is sealed from the heater coils. There are reusable or disposable cartridges, depending on the device.


The coils receive a direct power source from the battery. In other words, they are the heating element and can heat to temperatures between 1800F and 5000F.


The wick comes in contact with both the coils and the cartridges. It is usually made of cotton fibers and it gets saturated with oil inside the cartridge.


The mouthpiece is used for inhaling the vapor.

Please note that the atomizer refers to the unit that contains the wick and the e-coils.

Classification of atomizer

Not all atomizers are the same. Basically, atomizers are designed in a wide variety of ways to meet different vaping needs. It is therefore important to know the classification and types of atomizers. This would help you make the most suitable choice.

Disposable atomizers

These atomizers are built for one-time use. They suit best for those who are new to vaping and they are relatively cheap. Besides, you don’t need to do any maintenance which is common among re-usable vaping devices.

Replaceable atomizers

These atomizers are the most popular in the vaping world. Unlike the disposable types, you can easily change and replace the coils to fulfill your vaping needs.

Although the replaceable atomizers are quite expensive than the disposable atomizers, the replaceable atomizers offer better functions and features that give you a pleasurable vaping experience.

However, you can say the replaceable atomizers are cost-effective because all you need to do is replace the coils, not the complete atomizer itself.

Rebuildable atomizers



Rebuildable atomizers are the type of atomizers that will help you vary cloud size, options as well as temperature. If that’s what you want, this choice of atomizer is the best for you. Besides, you can tweak the resistance of the coil to help you get your desired throat hit.

However, for you to use the rebuildable atomizers, you need to be very much aware of ohm’s law, else you might blow up the battery.

But every vaper who uses the rebuildable atomizer finds it hard to switch to other options, as these atomizers allow the freedom to customize.

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Final Remark

Hopefully, we’ve been able to answer your question, “what is an atomizer?” And if you’re asking, “which atomizer should I choose?” Well, it depends on your vaping style. Some atomizers are designed to make a lot of vapor, and others are designed to give the best capacity options.

Also consider how you vape (direct inhalation or indirect inhalation, the material the atomizer is made of, airflows, and of course how much you’re willing to spend.

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