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Loyal Fan Start Up. DOVPO UK Service - DOVPO

Loyal Fan Start Up. DOVPO UK Service

Following the release of the Dovpo UK Recycle scheme it became evident that not a lot of UK Dovpo Vape community either know who I am or what I’m here for. So, I thought it best to write a hopefully not too long a blog to raise awareness and hopefully some information about me and the Dovpo UK Service Centre.

I’m a semi experienced vaper coming from a 20-year analogue smoking habit, I started out on a vape pen and stock coils but for the past few years I’m more of a RDTA type of guy. Like a lot of the UK vape community I make my own coils and my own capacity.

I’ve got City and Guilds in electronics and bench engineer. Back in the day I use to repair TVs, overhead projectors and the like. But since it’s become cheaper to buy new than repair, I moved onto other things but the skill has never left me.

Anyhow, a while ago I came across the Dovpo Blog “loyal fans wanted”. After a few email exchanges and Skype chats with the guys to verify my skills and knowledge I joined the team.

Dovpo sent me a supply package of spares and training mods for me to pull apart and to train on so I had a good knowledge of the products and so I could help the community.

It’s been a great learning experience, not only chatting to the Dovpo team on a daily basis but learning on how to strip down and rebuild the devices.

Under the watchful eye of the team, I can strip down and rebuild most devices now to a certified Dovpo standard.

I have repaired quite a few Topside Duals either board swop outs, battery doors etc as well as faults on other products such as the Odin.

I pride myself in providing a good quality repair but also offering a good customer service.

It’s been great talking to customers all over the country and further afield. Either to determine a fault, sell spares or even guiding them through a repair.

Not to blow my own trumpet but below are some comments from actual real people that I’ve helped.

“comments from customers “

"I think from a customer perspective it has to be a good thing having an approved repairer in your local region rather than waiting 4-6 weeks for shipping. Having someone who can sometimes assist in repairs and warranty issues in local time zone.

It’s a great project to be involved in, I’m enjoying rejuvenating my bench repair skills and helping the Dovpo Community."


"You would probably expect me to say this but Dovpo have an amazing family culture inside the business and they always try and do the right thing. "


If you’re interested in the Loyal Fans Scheme either fill out the form on the link: or if you want to have a chat about it before you apply then send me an email UKSERVICE@DOVPOECIG.COM



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