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RBA vs. RDA: What’s the Difference? - DOVPO

RBA vs. RDA: What’s the Difference?

If you’re new to vaping, you might be confused when you come across the different atomizers in the market. The truth, however, is that the concepts are not that complex; you only need to understand what they mean.

Atomizers are actually an important part of vaping devices and they are mainly responsible for vaporizing the capacity when hot. This part houses the cotton wicking and coils that are heated to release options vapor.

What are RBAs and RDAs?

You might have heard about RBA and RDA systems of vaping but may not know what they really mean. We are going to explain these two to you, tell you about their differences, and how to select RBA and RDA.

What are RBAs?


RBA is an abbreviation for “Rebuildable Atomizer.” It is a kind of DIY type of vape in which you build your own coil and add your wick.  However, the abbreviation RBA is used nowadays to name removable decks for vape tanks. In fact, “rebuildable atomizers” is now a group name for atomizers having a build deck, including RDA, RTA, or RDTA. You can find the best vape atomizers here.

Benefits of using an RBA

There are many benefits you stand to enjoy using rebuildable atomizers. One amazing benefit is customization. RBA vape is all about customization as you get a chance to customize your vaping experience. You can build your own coil to your preference from the coil resistance level to the wicking style and coil type.

What is RDA?


RDA is an abbreviation for “Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer.” It is a type of RBA atomizer that requires you to add capacity to the wicks and coils manually, instead of being fed from a tank.

Basically, RDAs have a capacity well that holds capacity, and the wick tails are placed in these well. However, the capacity well doesn’t hold as much capacity as a tank, so you need to continuously add your capacity to prevent your wick from becoming dry.

This manual process of wetting the coils and wicks can be a bit demanding, but with the use of a squonkable RDA, you can wet the wick and coils with vape capacity from a squeezable bottle placed in the mod. This RDA type is more convenient because you don’t have to carry a vape capacity bottle separately.  

A lot of vape lovers choose an RDA due to the freedom they get in customizing the device to produce huge vapor clouds.

How to select RBA or RDA

You may find it hard deciding whether to choose an RBA or an RDA for your vaping experience. Well, you need to get this right because atomizers help you gain more control over your vaping experience.

A rebuilder atomizer (RBA) allows you to replace coils and wicks to customize your device, and it comes with a tank section. A rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) allows you to add vape capacity onto the coils and wicks instead of it being supplied from the tank.

You need to be properly informed before choosing any customized or buildable atomizers. It is important that you go through through the manufacturer’s information and learn how the components operate.

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The main point is that you pick the option that works best for you.

Rebuildable atomizers use a deck to rebuild the atomizer portion. It also allows you to vape longer without having to refill the tank. More so, you get a chance to design your coils and wicks to your desired preference.

An RDA shares similarities with an RBA, but it does not use a tank system. Instead, the design includes a well that holds the vape capacity. However, you would need to add the capacity continuously because the well does not have the capacity that a tank would. That said, with the RDA, you have the ability to control the hit of options by dripping your desired amount on the atomizer.

So, here’s the deal- For you to know the best option between RBA and RDA that will work for you, you need to assess your skill level, including working with wicking and coils. Go for options that match your skill level, give you the right level of clouds that you desire, and the one that provides you with the best options.

Don’t forget to look for all the pros and cons, and determine which one works with your favorite vape capacity options. You can check the best options of atomizers here. Our Blotto Series are the best you can find in the market.



Final Remark

Atomizers are indispensable parts of your vaping experience. There are different options of atomizers, including rebuildable atomizers (RBA), rebuildable dripping atomizers (RBA). Others include RTA and RDTA. You need to be careful in selecting the option that works best for you to get the desired options and vapor clouds. We’ve made it simple for you- Check out the Dovpo Blotto series to see amazing options of vape atomizers.

Remember, experimenting to know your best option is half the fun of vaping. So, don’t get discouraged, you’ll definitely find your perfect choice.



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