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Topside Carbon Battery Door Hack - DOVPO

Topside Carbon Battery Door Hack

At present the replacement battery door and frame for the Topside Carbon is unavailable.

However, listed below are a set of instructions to help you convert the already available Topside SE door to fit the Carbon.

Only use Dovpo Genuine Parts available at or if you’re in the UK email


Always remember Health and Safety when working on devices and using tools etc.

For any further Help, Guidance or Suggestions please email me at or Dovpo direct on their contact page.

Also, credit to Warren Powell in Coventry who let me use his device to test the process.



There are two ways to carry out the conversion. One being the old school method using the dimensions, centre punch and bench drill.


Method Two using your existing Carbon door frame as a template.

Both methods are equally suitable however these instructions will focus on the second method as tools required are easily obtainable and little skill is required for this method.

Method Two is ultimately drilling a 5mm hole through the original frame to the Topside SE frame. But to note that the visual +/- labelling will be incorrect so in affect you will be putting the batteries in the wrong way however this does not affect the functionality of the device.

Pictures show the Carbon door and frame (Left) against the Standard Topside door and frame (Right) Both sets are identical in size and shape however the bases are constructed differently so a Topside door will not fit on a Carbon frame.


Items needed (suggested)

  • Genuine DOVPO battery door and frame.
  • T5H Torx screwdriver.
  • 2mm slotted screwdriver.
  • 5mm Allen key.
  • PH0 Phillips head (crosshead) screwdriver.
  • Matchstick or similar. (Just in case).
  • Double sided sticky tape/Blue Tac
  • Drill
  • Drill Bits 5mm overall.
  • Needle File, Sand Paper or Emery Cloth.
  • Block of wood.
  • 2 Small wood screws.

Picture below shows the actual dimensions with the centre of the 3rd hole being at 8.40mm across and 13.60 mm down.


1. Remove the battery door lid by unscrewing the 2No slot head hinge screws using a 2mm slot headed screw driver. 


2. Remove the 4No TH5 TORX screws from the battery door base and remove the 2No Phillips Head screws.


3. Remove the 2No Allen Key screws.


4. Slide the battery door frame including the buttons off the device. Keep the buttons still held together with the tape and put them to one side.


5. As shown in the pictures below place the new frame on the block of wood with the button holes facing up and the oval battery frame pointing down. Then place the original carbon frame on top, similar to a mirror image.


Screw both frames to the block of wood through the two button holes ensuring that the frames are completely flush.

Then drill through the third hole using it as a guide into the topside frame.


6. Unscrew the frames and remove any burr (rough metal) with a file, sandpaper or similar. The picture below shows the two doors side by side.

If you choose you can paint the bare metal with a suitable metal paint.


7. Now its just a case of refitting the new door and frame. For ease firstly push the battery pin connector into its location hole on the battery door frame and slide it back into position on the Topside frame (this will help you screw the pin connector back onto the battery door frame). Then screw the pin connector back onto the battery door frame using the 2No Phillips screws.


8. You may wish to do this as part of step 7 or as a separate step. Fit the buttons into the panel and use either tape or Blue Tac to hold them in place. Slowly slide the frame back into position on the shell. This can be tricky and you can use a non-metallic stick like a matchstick to gentle press on the circuit board to help the buttons slide in to place.


9. Screw in the 2No Allen Key screws under the +/- buttons. Only screw them in loosely for now. As a side note if after completed the buttons are hard to push or don’t click slacken off these screws.


10. Screw in the 4No TH5 TORX screws on the base of the frame, again loosely. Once the screws are in place make sure the battery door frame is flush to the Topside Dual frame. Then tighten up the 4No TORX screws and 2No Allen Key screws and check the Phillips screws.


11. Place the battery door lid onto the frame and slide the 2No hinge screws through the hinge holes on the frame and into the lid itself. Then screw them in using the slotted screwdriver. If you find the lid is too tight loosen the hinge screws ¼ of a turn if this doesn’t work then the fame is not flush on the device so repeat step 9 to adjust the frame.

Congratulations All Done!


  • Posted by Jonesy on

    Following this advice and you can’t go wrong, so happy that my carbon is working better than new!!!

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