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Things to Consider When Buying a Vape Atomizer


Atomizers are an important part of your vape kit. Where there was just a basic atomizer in every vape device you picked up, recent advances in vaping technology have made countless atomizers available. And as a beginner, you may find it hard to know where to begin.

You no longer have to stick to the choice of a simple disposable anymore as atomizers have made the journey to become rebuildable mods. So there is no limit to what you can achieve basically.

As you search through the various vape stores or vendors, you might have come across different types of atomizers. Merchants like Dovpo sell an assortment of the best vape atomizers that comes with a clear description to help you make an informed decision.

While looking around for the best atomizer option to buy, you may even discover information about atomizers that you had no idea about. Well, in this article, we are going to show you the important things you need to understand about atomizers. This will help you make an informed decision.

Let’s start by describing RBA


bp RBA


RBAs or rebuildable atomizers is the basic term used to describe atomizers that comes with a deck where you can rebuild your own coil if there’s a need for replacement. These atomizers come in different varieties, and they are sometimes called RDA, RTA, or even RDTA.

  • Rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA)
  • Rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA)
  • Rebuildable dripping tank atomizer (RDTA)

Each style comes its own advantages and disadvantages. You just have to choose the option that suits your needs the most and make you happy. In other words, just because a vaper prefers the RTA doesn’t mean you’ll like them too.

However, if you’re interested in enjoying massive vapor clouds, then choosing an RBA that perform this function is something you need to consider before buying a device.

Despite the large pool of atomizer options available in the market today, the RBA is still the crowd favorite. This is mainly because RBA gives you a chance to easily and quickly rebuild your own coils. The good part is that you save a lot of money.

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Now, let’s discuss RDA




RDA or called rebuildable dripping atomizer is an atomizer that allows you to manually add capacity into your coils in dripping form. However, only a small amount of capacity can be added at a time. This is because RDA works with only a small well-shaped holder and you need to add the capacity manually before each vaping sessions.

RDA may not be the best in terms of convenience, but it pumps a lot of vapor clouds which gives you a pretty good experience. So the choice is yours to make – would you rather choose convenience or a massive vapor cloud? This will help your purchase decision a whole lot.

Let’s also talk about RTA




RTA or rebuildable tank atomizer is another style of atomizers that comes with a build deck that holds the coils. A chimney is placed over the coil and this extends to the top of the tank.

Basically, the tank is filled with capacity that you need for your vaping session. As you start vaping, the capacity is drawn into the coil through the wicking material. If you’re the type that likes moving around, then an RTA is a good option for you.

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Finally, let’s discuss RDTA

RDTA or rebuildable dripping tank atomizer is a combination of RDA and RTA. This atomizer features a tank sitting underneath the coil with a wicking that flow down into the tank. This means you do don’t have to constantly drip your capacity on to the coil like you would do with a regular RDA.

Making your final buying decision

Now, you can clearly see that there are clear-cut differences between atomizers. The final choice you make will depend on your personal preference and how you like to enjoy your vaping sessions.

Some vapers are looking for something basic and user-friendly. Some are more interested in options production while others love to build their vape setup to focus on more cloud production.

More so, the time and money you’re willing to invest in atomizers also matters a lot. If you really want the best, then you should try to invest in quality products.

If you enjoy vaping once in a while for fun, then choose a basic atomizer and setup that gets the job done. But if you decide to take this seriously, you can decide to invest in more quality setups.

Final Remarks

Atomizers come in different designs and set up and your choice is based on your preference. If you love to switch options, you can consider the dripping atomizer over carrying spare tanks. If you want something portable that you can carry in your pocket to wherever you want, then an RTA is a good option to try.

You can experiment with different types to see what works for you. Dovpo offers a good collection of the best vape atomizers. Check out our products here.


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