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How to pick the best vape mods: Beginner’s guide - DOVPO

How to pick the best vape mods: Beginner’s guide



Vape mods are larger type of vape devices that are known for higher powers and larger clouds productions. These devices are a vape pen-style e-cig modified to have advanced features.

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You may find it hard to pick the best vape mods, but do not be bothered, as we’re going to show you how to choose the best vape mod for the best vaping experience.

Benefits of using vape mods

Before then, a common question vapers ask, especially beginners, is “what are the benefits using a vape mod?”

Benefits of vape mods

Vape mods offer a lot of benefits that regular vape pens do not. These benefits include:

Power control: Using vape mods allow you to have control over the power output of your mod. This way, you can regulate the wattage or voltage to suit your vaping style.

Sub-ohm vaping: Vape mods allow you use sub-ohm coils in your tank. This is not present in a lot of vape pens.

Temperature control: Most vape mods come with temperature control alongside power control.

Removable batteries: Some vape mods work with removable batteries that you can charge. Also, when the batteries need replacement, you just need to pop a new one in instead of changing the whole vape device.

Larger battery capacity: Vape mods are bigger in size than the regular style vape pens. This means their integrated batteries are usually larger in size with a bigger capacity.



Things to consider in a vape mod

Now that you know the benefits of using vape mods, let’s show you some important features to look out for in a vape mod before buying one.

Coil resistance

Most vape pens have limits on the coil resistance they support, and that’s because their batteries do not come with internal features to utilize them.

Vape mods, on the other hand, are built with a capacity to work with a wide range of coil resistances. This offers you more freedom in your vape. You can check out these amazing vape mod products.

Temperature control



The conventional vape devices take a few moments to reach their optimum temperature when you press your button to vape. This is known as the “ramp up time.” Besides, you will have to draw for a few seconds to get to the best part of the vape, the part with optimum options and vapor production.

Vape mods work in a different pattern; they have temperature control that allow you get to the best part straight away. This device heats up instantly to your desired temperature, without exceeding it. However, you need to use a compatible coil, such as Titanium, Nickel, or Stainless Steel.

Wattage range

It is important to consider the wattage range of your device. If you’re building your own coil that is going to be at an extreme of resistance scale, then you need to consider the wattage range of your vape mod. Keep in mind that not all vape mods fire up to 200W and fire down to 1W.


You need to check vape mods for multiple safety features. The best devices are built with advanced technology and settings that take care of things like overcharge or discharge. They often come with short circuit protection features, all of which are intended to give you a safe vaping experience.

You can check some of the best quality vape mods that are built with safety features here.

Types of vape mods

Now that you know the major things to look out for in a vape mod, let’s quickly check out the various styles of vape mods:

Box mods

These are the most popular type of vape mods. They are the best mod devices for beginners.

They come in different sizes and battery capacities. Also, these vape mods have adjustable settings that allow you turn the power down and up, amongst other settings.

Have a look at this product - RIVA 200 BOX MOD for a great vaping experience or you can get the Riva DNA250C Mod     



Mech Mods

These are e-cig vape devices that come with no vape settings. As the name implies, mechanical mods are entirely mechanical, and they essentially hold a removable battery with a tank attached on top.

Basically, you press a button in to push the battery to make a connection with the coil. You can get huge vapor clouds when you use sub-ohm coils.   

Note, however, that the mech mods are strictly for advanced vapers, as they require you to have a good knowledge of ohm’s law.

Have a look at these products - MVVII Mechanical Mod & Clutch X18 Mech.  



Squonk mods

Squonk mods are an advanced vape mods that simulate the dripping style of vaping. Normally, the manual method of dripping your capacity onto the cotton and coil to produce better options takes time.

Using squonk mods, on the other hand, make the process easier. This device carries a built-in bottle that directly adds the capacity to the cotton of the dripper.

Squonk mods are good for mid-advanced box mod users, as they are a bit more complex than the box mods.

Choosing the best vape mod as a beginner

If you’re a vaping newbie looking for a vape mod that’s easy to use for enjoying the best vape experience, do not make the mistake of going for the advanced mods. The box mods are often recommended due to their simplicity in usage.

You can try out these amazing box mods for a start - RIVA 200 BOX MOD or Riva DNA250C Mod.

Final Remark

The world of vaping is constantly evolving and new devices with advanced features are constantly being introduced into the market. For you to find the perfect choice to use, you need to consider your vaping experience level, and choose vape mods that would work for you. The above guide is sure to help you out. Here is a collection of the best vape mods you can find in the market.



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