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What Is A Squonk Box Mod?

What Is A Squonk Box Mod?

Squonk box mod is becoming increasingly popular among vapers. It is a vape mod that has a squeeze bottle in-built which is used for feeding vape capacity to an atomizer – often a rebuildable dripping atomizer – through to the 510-connection.

The bottles in squonker mods are transformed into large capacities for atomizers, and they take away the need to move about with separate capacity bottles each day.

Squonking involves using a squonk mod and a tank atomizer or bottom-fed rebuildable RDA style to sustain vaping by filling the tank or cotton additional e-capacity through the capacity button.

It started in 2009 with ECF’s user TheCarlos49 with his locally made capacity box. Within a short period, REO became the foremost firm to introduce the first squonker to the market using their REO Grand squonk mod.

The mod is targeted at offering vapers of all forms with products that specifically meet their needs, especially those searching for a one-stop solution to vaping. All you need to do to continue with vaping is to persistently press the squeezable capacity bottle so the cotton gets soaked with capacity.

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Types of Squonk Mods

There are different types of squonk mods. There are regulated mods, unregulated mods, and semi-regulated mods among others.

The fully regulated squonk mods are completely featured with VW/VV chipsets that offer the users the opportunity to decide whether to go with the voltage or wattage.

Most regulated squonk mods are accompanied by a variety of safety features with no battery safety worry. And they are regarded as the safest squonking mod.

Unregulated squonkers offer atomizers with battery raw power that is subject to the resistance of the build. Vape users must put their battery limits into consideration through battery safety knowledge and Ohms’ law.

Some mods are mechanical mods and many others are designed with built-in protections to combat harmful user errors.

Semi-regulated mods are directly battery-empowered, with added chips to step up safety features.

However, most vapers find satisfaction with the fully-regulated devices as a result of safety measures, customization features, and simple qualities.

How to Install Squonk Pin

To install a squonk pin, you’ll need some important vape tools, check here. In addition, you’ll be needing a squonk pin, flathead screwdriver, and accurately sized Allen key.

To Loosen:

Loosen the flathead with the help of the 510pin on the topper’s bottom. Thereafter, turn the 510 counter-clockwise holding the positive side post, until the pin is total removed from the topper.

To Install:

You’ll need some practice here. You’ll be required to reinstate a positive post on the deck and position it with the fingers while also getting the topper flipped over.

Ensure to Double-check

After installing the squonk pin, tighten it properly to prevent it from wiggling or making any noise whatsoever.

How to Use a Squonk Mod Properly?

You’ll need a squonking mod that has a removable squonking bottle having an attached filler line or hose below the atomizer. With the visible cut-out hole on the external part of the box mod, you can simply squeeze the bottle without the need to fully open. Check out our Pump Squonker Kit by Dovpo X Across


And since squonking will not function without the usual RDA’s, you’ll need a bottom feed pin fitted a cool RDA style mod. When you squeeze or press the bottle, the capacity goes through applied pressure from under the squonk bottle in the RDA.

Power up on your mod and puff, and get started with squonking. After taking some puffs, avoid the vape from having dry hit and wicks coated by squeezing the bottle.

Final Remark

Squonk box mod has a few benefits to its user, and it includes the convenience of regular use, no leakage, the provision of large vape bottle added, and outstanding options and vapor production. Now that you have uncovered what you need to know about squonking mod, trying it out will be a great decision.



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