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Why we use DNA chip? - DOVPO

Why we use DNA chip?

The most recent addition in the world of vape is the DNA Mod which is already driving people crazy. Let's see if they are any better from the other regular mods or not. What is DNA chip? Before starting off, lets study about the DNA chips that are used in these mods that making them the best of t...
Dovpo Product Authenticity Check - DOVPO

Dovpo Product Authenticity Check

It is always our highest priority at Dovpo to provide maximum satisfaction for customers who choose to buy genuine Dovpo products. Recently, we received a lot of customers feedback on the authenticity of Dovpo products.To provide better experience, Dovpo has updated the authenticity platform in J...
Blotto Mini RTA Available Now - DOVPO

Blotto Mini RTA Available Now

As you know,the Blotto RTA is the best RTA in 2019,it’s famous for its options and design. Now we bring you the Blotto Mini RTA,it has everything you loved in the original Blotto RTA in a smaller package. Blotto Mini RTA has the exact same airflow and deck design as the original Blotto, giving yo...
New Release – Odin Mini DNA75C - DOVPO

New Release – Odin Mini DNA75C

You asked and we listened, introducing the latest in the line of ODIN products – the Odin Mini. The Odin mini is a single battery DNA mod from DOVPO in collaboration with vaperz clouds and Vaping bogan. Its a small and stealthy single 21700 device powered by the DNA 75c,the odin mini measures 36....
What use is the Voltage display on regulated mods? - DOVPO

What use is the Voltage display on regulated mods?

Today we’re going to discuss why the voltage display (that letter V on your screen) is used and why it exists. This directly relates to your ohmslaw, Voltage / Resistance (Ohms) = Amperes Have you ever wondered why you get extremely hot vapor experiences on some builds and some not? That’s becaus...
What is Replay Mode for DNA Chip? - DOVPO

What is Replay Mode for DNA Chip?

Replay is the most advanced vaping technology developed by Evolve. Replay is intended to capture the options and satisfaction of the ”perfect puff”, and provide the same level of performance and consistency on all subsequent puffs. The replay will also prevent the device from getting dry hits. Re...