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Happy Holidays

What could be a better holiday than festive meals, spending time with loved ones and ideal vapes for vapers? Holidays are the best time to treat yourself and to prepare surprise gifts for your beloved family and friends!
At DOVPO, we have prepared discounts, events, free gifts and much more for all of our fans. Dovpo wish you all the best of luck and that you get your favourite vapes and enjoy the festive holidays.


Free Gift Card & Holiday Package

From 1st Nov to 5th Dec. All paid orders will come with a lovely gift card, and the items customers have purchased will be packed in a festival bag too.


Lucky Free Orders

From 1st Nov to 5th Dec. During this time, any paid order with number #5X50 (For example, #5150, #5250, #5350... ) will get the whole order for free by FULL REFUND. (*DOVPO has the right to cancel the winner if customer kept placing unpaid orders to get to the number.)
If the lucky number wasn't paid successfully, then we will postpone and pass on to the next paid order. (For example, if #5120 wasn't paid successfully, but #5121 was paid successfully, #5121 will be a free order by fully refunded.)


MVV II Door Design

From 5th Nov to 15th Nov. If you’re good at hand-drawing or any kind of digital editing, such as photoshop or any other apps, why not share with us your arts & see if we’re able to print them on the MVV 2 mod! Share your arts on Instagram with hashtag #MVVDOOR or send to and our team will collect all the designs & share them on our blog post and our fans will vote for their favourite ones. The one that gets the most votes will actually be printed!


Free Laser Clutch X18 Doors

From 5th Nov to 5th Dec. We are going to launch the special edition of the Clutch X18 thats only available during the holiday season. Not only you could buy the special edition, but also could laser your name or any words on the door too! For Free! Stay Tuned...


Holiday blind Box Available

From 15th Nov to 5th Dec. We have prepared 100 blind boxes. The blind Box is a surprise box that you don’t know what’s inside, but the items inside is valued more than you paid for. The blind box contains a mod, a Blotto Sinlge Coil , 7 in 1 Pre-Built Coils, a Vape Tool Kit and an Ohm Tab for $99.99  . But what mod? Try your luck & see.


Check in To Win

From 20th Nov to 5th Dec. Visit this page & check in everyday to get the 30% off discount. Anyone who checks in everyday will get a 30% off discount that applies to (Topside Battery Doors are not included.) Also, we’ll pick 3 random winners who check in everyday who will a prize of a new Riva 200 Box Mod.


Share Your Festival Meal

From 21st Nov to 27th Nov. Running on Facebook. Take a photo of your festival meal with any DOVPO product or your favorite vape with hashtag #DOVPOHOLIDAY. 3 lucky winners will be picked for a free Blotto Single Coil RTA.