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MVV II Door Design - DOVPO Official

MVV II Door Design

If you're good at hand-drawing or any kind of digital editing, such as photoshop or any other app, why not share with us your arts here & see if we're able to print them on the MVV II Mod! You can share your arts on Intagram with hashtag #MVVDOOR or send to and our team will collect all the designs & share them right here and or fans will vote for their favorite ones. 


1. How to enter the game?

2. When the game starts & when it ends? 

  • From 5th Nov to 15th Nov. 

3. What's the prize: 

  • a. The pattern that got most voted will be actually printed & the designer will get 2 MVV II Mods for free. 
  • b. 1 lucky winner will get rewarded a holiday gift box. 
  • c. 3 random lucky winners will get rewarded a free MVV II Mod. (Winners will choose from all designers & voters.) 


Good luck, all! 

Number 1 :  3 votes

Instagram : @cgf_725



Number 2 :  70 votes

 Email : 


Number 3 :  15 votes

Email :


  Number 4 :  73 votes              

Email :


Number 5:  41  votes

Instagram : @penut2010 


Comment on which one you like best ,Thank you .




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  • Posted by Mandala on

    Number 4 favorite

  • Posted by Rival on

    Number 4👍

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