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What Are DNA Mods and Squonk Mods? - DOVPO

What Are DNA Mods and Squonk Mods?


The vape industry is taking us by storm with the introduction of the DNA mods and Squonk mods. The DNA mods are in the category of the special vape mod family, and Squonk mods are also a big thing among vapers.

What Are DNA Mods?




A DNA mod can be simply described as the mod that harnesses the DNA chipset. There is a wide range of DNA mods out there, and they look quite different one another despite having very similar features. These kinds of mods have become the standard new mods follow.

The mods are represented in a feature set that harnesses the best of vape technology. DNA mods help in multiple ways to boost the regularly regulated mods. They have shown clearly to have had an effect on the vaping evolution with high-level accuracy, safety, and performance.

There are features that specifically define a DNA mod. Here are some key ones:

  1. DNA Mods are precise and consistent

DNA mods are known for their accuracy and consistency. If you put up your mod at 50 watts, you can be sure that you have an actual 50 watts of power being emitted. And this is sustained till the battery goes out.  The wattage of the DNA mod will not reduce while the battery reduces

  1. The temperature control is top-rated


As regards temperature control, DNA mods are highly rated top in the list of temperature control mods around, such as the Dovpo ODIN DNA250C BOX MOD. However, this feature is not exclusive to DNA mods.

  1. DNA mods feature variable wattage mode

Just like temperature control, variable wattage is not exclusive to DNA mods, however, DNA chipsets are popular for presenting a variable wattage mode. With the interface and display of the DNA mod, you’ll have access to your mod’s wattage total control. Check out the Dovpo mono SQ Box Mod, featuring a wattage range of 1-75W, 0.96" TFT Color Display. 

  1. They offer unique safety features

All vapers – starters and seasoned – can benefit from the safety features provided by DNA mods. They will not fire shorted coils and battery won’t discharge to a risky level. With these features, your battery life has reduced possibility of getting exploded.

  1. DNA mods have shown to be very efficient


DNA mods offer prolonged battery life. They have proven to be highly efficient in giving your battery a more sustained capacity by regulating power consumption

  1. DNA mods have intuitive interface

The DNA chipsets that is attached to the display of the DNA mod shows accuracy in its list of readings. A display screen shows voltage, battery life, resistance, and wattage of a DNA mod

  1. DNA mods are well customizable

The mods are accompanied with a variety of onboard features. And you can tweak the fine details with the support of Escribe software.

What Are Squonk Mods?



Squonking started in 2009 with ECF’s user TheCarlos49, but not long, REO introduced one to the market with their REO Grand squonk mod. Highly rated products such as Dovpo Topside Dual and Dovpo Topside Lite 90w Squonk Box Mod are however offering huge satisfaction to users.

Squonk mods are among the most fascinating products around as they let out e-capacity from a built-in squeeze bottle through a tube to the cotton. While offering a rebuildable coil’s hit, the small portable gadget is capable of storing and distributing capacity.

Types of Squonk Mods

Squonk mods are commonly categorized into regulated and unregulated squonk mods. The regulated squonk mods are wholly featured with VW/VV chipsets that allow the user to select their favorite voltage or wattage. Most of them have adequate safety features that evacuates most of the battery-safety concerns.


Squonking is regarded as the single viable option for temperature cool vapers.

Unregulated squonkers mods delivers raw battery power to the atomizer determined by the resistance of the build.


It is important for unregulated users to build based on knowledge of battery safety and Ohm’s law considering the safety of their batteries.

If you are not familiar with safety measures of unregulated mod devices, then opt for the regulated squonk mod as a better decision.


Final Remark

Depends on what you intend to achieve with vaping, mod devices generally provide users with more features, tastes, and vapors. And if you’d rather have it discreet, light, and portable, we have a wide collection of proven products to satisfy your needs at Dovpo. 





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