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The Damage of E-waste to the Environment - DOVPO

The Damage of E-waste to the Environment


E-waste has brought so much harm to the environment in many ways, and the issue has been ignored for too long. In fact, a report showed that about 50Mt of electronic waste is released into the environment every year. These electronic wastes have a horrible effect on the environment.

The UN, along with other global welfare organizations are raising huge concerns about the growing e-waste production, which is estimated to reach 120 Mt per year by 2050.

The bad part is that only less than 20% of e-wastes generated are recycled. Most of these electronic wastes are disposed of in landfills and dumps, which in turn causes great damage to the environment.

In this article, we’re going to be showing you the biggest damages of e-wastes to the environment. We won’t stop there but also show you effective solutions that a lot of people are using now in the UK and other parts of the world, including China.

Today, you can now take advantage of the DOVPO UK Recycle scheme, which is created for the e-waste recycling of vaping products to protect the environment and the vape community.

What is E-waste?

E-waste, also called electronic waste, is any electronic product that has reached the end of its “useful life.” These products can include televisions, printers, computers, batteries, cameras, cellphones, Vape mods, vape atomizers, and many more electronic devices.

A lot of people like to go for the “spanking new” electronic devices or gadgets and would need to get rid of the older ones. Some people would donate to needy families, some others would prefer to jump-dump them in the trash.

Also, many manufacturers now make their devices last for a shorter period to make consumers come back and buy again. This increases the number of gadgets being disposed of in landfills.

In some cases, a consumer may think repairing their electronic devices is not worth the money and time required, so they simply get rid of them and purchase a new one.

Unfortunately, e-waste contains toxic chemical elements like mercury, lithium, lead, etc. which when released into the environment can cause serious damage. The toxic chemicals impact the earth’s soil, water, air, and ultimately, human health.

That’s more reason why you shouldn’t dispose of your e-waste in landfills. Instead, you can try businesses like DOVPO UK Recycle scheme, which specializes in the safe recycling of vaping products. We may recondition your device back to its working order using recycled or new parts. We may also strip your device for parts and pass them on to your fellow Dovpo vaper. We dispose of any non-used parts accordingly to support the environment.

You can contact us at to explain any issue your device is having. Our team is always ready to estimate the problem and show you if your device needs to be repaired or not.

The damage of E-waste to the environment

E-waste not only has a negative effect on the three pillars of the environment – water, air, and soil, but also humans.

 Damage of E-waste on Soil

When e-wastes are disposed improperly in regular landfills or other illegal sites, the heavy metal contents and flame retardants can seep into the soil, and this causes contamination to the underlying groundwater or potential plants that may be grown nearby in the nearest future.

Crops that are grown on soil contaminated by heavy metals are at risk of becoming ill as they tend to absorb these toxins. Besides, the farmland becomes unproductive.

One thing to note again is that when you dismantle, burn, or shred e-wastes, large particles are released, which are quickly re-deposited to the ground and cause contamination of the soil.

Also, animals and wildlife that are relying on nature for survival will end up consuming plants that are affected by these e-wastes, and this can cause internal health problems.

Damage of E-waste on Air

E-wastes release dust particles or toxins when they are informally disposed of by shredding, dismantling, melting the materials. This air pollution is capable of causing damage to respiratory health.

You need to also note that the fine particles released by burning e-waste can travel thousands of miles from the recycling sites. This makes it dangerous not only to those handling this waste but also to other innocent people living far away.

The air pollution from indiscriminate handling of e-wastes can affect some animal species, endangering them and even the biodiversity of chronically polluted regions.

Eventually, air pollution caused by e-wastes affects soil, water quality, and plant species, and the damages are irreversible.

For example, one informal recycling hub in Guiyu, China was formed to extract valuable metals from e-waste. But this has caused the region to have extremely high lead levels in the air.

Damages of E-waste on water

Heavy metals from e-waste deposited on the soil often leak through the earth to reach groundwater. These heavy metals eventually make their way into streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers. This causes acidification and toxification, which is unsafe for plants, animals, and communities as a whole. It becomes a problem to find clean drinking water even in communities far from a recycling site.

Damages of E-wastes on Humans

The toxic components in E-wastes, including lead, mercury, barium, lithium, cadmium have a negative effect on human health. So when you dispose of improperly, you stand the risk of suffering heart, kidney, brain, liver, and skeletal system damage.

What should we do?

Improper disposal of e-waste is highly dangerous, and that’s why it is crucial to recycle e-waste properly. Your vaping products can be recycled, refurbished, and resold.

So if you’re using DOVPO products and you notice they’re no longer working well, you can simply send us the product at Our team will inspect them and let you know whether the product can be fixed or not.

The devices that are repairable will be fixed and delivered back to you, while the unrepairable ones will be disassembled and you’ll get a discount coupon here.

The interesting part is that all our recycling service is FREE and if you want us to repair your device, our labor is free; all you have to do is pay for postage.

Note that for every product that is non-repairable, we strip out the working parts and recycle them to make useful products for the next customer. We dispose of the unused parts in a responsible manner, and you get a 30% off coupon for mods and a 15% off coupon for atomizers. You only get this coupon for direct purchase made on

Final Remark

As you can see, e-wastes cause devastating effects on the environment. That’s why at DOVPO, our ambition is to put in efforts to ensure we maintain an eco-friendly system and save our environment from industrial e-waste, which causes damages to the air, soil, water, and even to humans.

Our recycling scheme does not only benefit customers who love to get a new device, but also shows the world that vapers are mindful and concerned about the environment.

Now it is up to you to play your part and take action against the damages caused by improper e-waste disposal. You can subscribe to our DOVPO UK Recycle scheme to get your vaping products recycled, thereby conserving the environment. Get in touch with our UK service today here.

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