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Why Is My Vape Popping? - DOVPO

Why Is My Vape Popping?



So, after acquiring your new gleaming vape kit, you were to start vaping, but suddenly noticed some weird popping or crackling sounds coming out. This issue is not restricted to you alone, it is common with vapers of all levels, but then, there are some quick fixes that can brighten your experience.

It depends on the capacity and vape gear you are using, vape popping or crackling should not really get you worried. It occurs when the coil heats the vapor capacity to transform it into vapor, and there are some other likely reasons vape popping may occur too.

Four Main Reasons Vape Popping Occurs and the Simple Fixes

  1. Your Vape Chimney or Drip Tip May Be Too Narrow


A narrow chimney can cause vapor condensation inside them and make droplets that are formed to block the flow of air in your vape device.

A simple method to fix this issue is to get a wide bore drip or wider chimney. This wider option will help to avoid the condensation of extra vapor that can block airflow in your device. Alternatively, you could consider making use of a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) setup kit – they often come with wider chimneys. 

Bushido V3 RDA is one product with unlimited possibilities. It is shaped and structured to offer you a remarkable vaping experience.

  1. You May Be Using a Thin Type of Capacity


Popping sounds can occur when your vape capacity hits heated coils in your vape device to create vapor. Your capacity option may be thin and could result in flooding in your atomizer. For instance, capacity with high propylene glycol (PG) is thinner and therefore vaporizes at reduced temperatures.

To fix this, go for thicker capacity such as ones with higher vegetable glycerin (VG) instead of PG. Aside from creating more vapors, this option helps to consistently vaporize with the vaping pen you are making use of. You could also consider shorter inhales as longer inhales will require more vape capacity than what your vape pen can possibly take.  

  1. Your Wattage Setting May Be Too Low 


You may want to check your wattage level. If it is too low, it can cause your device to heat the capacity into vapor very slowly, thereby making it overflow the tank and produce popping sounds. This can even worsen with an RTA having loose airflow, as it forces airflow to flood the atomizer of your device.   

Correct this popping issue by increasing the wattage of your device by up to 10 watts. You should consider trying a kit with adjustable airflow and wattage to give you a better vaping experience. With a sub-ohm tank, adjust the collar of the tank to loosen the air pressure and narrow the adjustments of your airflow.

  1. Braided or Twisted Coil May Be Leaving Spaces in the Coil

Vapers may fall in love with the options that comes from a braided coil, but they can cause spaces in the coil. Capacity can seep through the coils to produce hissing popping sounds.

If you purchased the coil braided, then you may have to bear with the popping for some time. Otherwise, you could try to tighten the coil by yourself. Always consider going for regular coils. BP Mods High-quality Coils work nicely in all temperatures. 



  1. The Chimney Needs To Be Cleansed

The build-up of capacity on the chimney over a period of time can cause some spit back too. A simple fix is to remove your drip tip and get some tissue paper to clean the tank to evacuate excess water.

Ways to Prevent Vape Popping

Now that you are aware of the possible reasons for your vape popping, these steps can help you prevent it.

Always Keep Your Vape Device Clean

A clean device will not accommodate the buildup of dirt and deposits inside your device. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to clean your vape at least once a month

Take Short Inhales

If you pull too hard on your device, you may force capacity into the chamber and into your mouth. Taking short gentle inhales will give you pure vapor and make you have a better experience.



Do Not Prime the Coil Unreasonably

You don’t need to soak the wick when priming the coil. Light drops of capacity are sufficient to get it wet. It should begin to drip all around.

Final Remark

Vape popping may have caused some horrible experience to you whether as a starter or experienced vape user but these simple solutions will restore satisfaction.





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