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Why Vape Taste Burnt?



Have you ever used your vape device only to get a charred newspaper taste? Well, it is one of the common vape issues people encounter and sometimes, the cloud of burnt vapor scratches the back of your throat down to your lungs. This can make you feel choked and you can even vomit in the process.

Burnt hits can happen occasionally with most devices, from the sub-ohm tanks to disposable vapes. The bad part is that it can mess up your day and discourage you from vaping.

Although there are a plethora of reasons why your vape may taste burnt, the good part is that you can avoid vape burnt feeling. At Dovpo, we are concerned about our customer’s satisfaction, and that’s why we put together this piece to help you get the best vaping experience.

Why does my vape taste “burnt”?

Most times your vape tastes burnt when the wick runs out of capacity. The wick is responsible for soaking the capacity, which is then heated up and turned into vapor.

When there’s no more capacity to vaporize, the coil begins to burn the wick, and that’s the major cause of the unpleasant burnt taste you get.

That said, below are some common reasons why vape tastes burnt:

Incorrect priming coils

When you’re using a new coil, it is important that you take enough time to prime the head before filling the tank. When you prime, it means you soak the wick to get it properly saturated before you start vaping.

Note that the wick is made of dry cotton and the compact nature makes it less porous. So you need to take enough time to prime your wick, else, you’re likely to get a burnt taste in the end.

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Chain vaping

This is a common cause of burnt hits, especially if you’re new to vaping. When you take lots of puff in a row, your wick doesn’t get much time to get saturated with capacity again and this causes it to dry out and burn.

That’s why it is advised that you put your vape down for a moment when you start noticing a burnt taste when you inhale or if you feel the tank is overheating. This gives the wick the chance to absorb more capacity.

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Running low on vape capacity

Just like we said earlier, if your capacity gets too low, the wick in your device will end up getting burnt. The capacity needs to cover the input holes located around the coil head.

High power vaping

If the wattage you’re vaping at is too high for your coil head, it will cause your e-capacity to vaporize quickly. This causes your wick not to re-saturate fast enough and the coil ends up burning the wick which causes your vape to taste burnt.

How to avoid the burnt feeling

Prime your coils ahead



Before vaping at all, ensure you prime your coils. This is a simple process; you only need to apply 3-4 drops of your capacity on your new wick and set them aside for roughly 10 minutes. After that, screw the coil onto your device.

Also, fill your tank with capacity and screw it onto your vape. You can then inhale a few times to help the capacity flow (do not activate the battery while inhaling).

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Adjust your vaping technique

You need to stop treating your vape like a cigarette, especially if you’re new to vaping. Instead of taking lots of short, frequent puffs, adjust to taking longer, slower hits.

Try to leave 20-25 seconds between puffs. This way, you give your wick enough time to soak up capacity and this prevents them from drying out and burning.

Prime your refillable kits



There are some refillable kits that are sometimes used instead of a vape tank with a replaceable coil head. You also need to prime this kit and the process is simple. All you need to do is fill the device with your capacity and leave it to saturate with the capacity for roughly 10 minutes. You can then inhale a few times to let the capacity flow (do not activate the battery while inhaling).

Stick to the recommended power range

You can avoid vape burnt feeling when you stay within the recommended wattage range. When you vape at too high wattage, it damages your coil. Keeping to the recommended power helps to maintain your vape device and keep it in good condition.

You can read the instructions on your vape packaging or the printed information around your coil head.

If the wattage of your vape device is low and you desire to switch to a higher intensity, you can upgrade your vape tank to an option with a higher wattage range.

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Refill regularly



If you can keep your tank topped with capacity, you’ll minimize the rate of having burnt hits. That’s why it is advisable to take a quick glance at your tank even as you vape.

If you use a pod mod, you can quickly pop it out to gauge your capacity level. If it’s less than half remaining, it is important to top it up before you vape away the remaining capacity.

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Final Remark

Now you understand why your vape taste burnt and how to avoid these vape issues. Most times, it is due to a shortage of capacity, lack of proper priming, chain vaping and using a high wattage.

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