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What Are DNA Mods and Squonk Mods? - DOVPO

What Are DNA Mods and Squonk Mods?

  The vape industry is taking us by storm with the introduction of the DNA mods and Squonk mods. The DNA mods are in the category of the special vape mod family, and Squonk mods are also a big thing among vapers. What Are DNA Mods?     A DNA mod can be simply described as the mod that harnesses ...
Why Is My Vape Popping? - DOVPO

Why Is My Vape Popping?

    So, after acquiring your new gleaming vape kit, you were to start vaping, but suddenly noticed some weird popping or crackling sounds coming out. This issue is not restricted to you alone, it is common with vapers of all levels, but then, there are some quick fixes that can brighten your expe...
Why Vape Taste Burnt? - DOVPO

Why Vape Taste Burnt?

    Have you ever used your vape device only to get a charred newspaper taste? Well, it is one of the common vape issues people encounter and sometimes, the cloud of burnt vapor scratches the back of your throat down to your lungs. This can make you feel choked and you can even vomit in the proce...
The Starter Series Part 2 - Rebuildables - DOVPO

The Starter Series Part 2 - Rebuildables

 Rebuildables - what are they? What do they do? Do they do things? Let’s find out! Alright, so you’ve been vaping a little while. You know the basics and you feel like it’s time to step up to rebuildables. As the name implies, rebuildables allow you to ‘rebuild’ your coil and wick in your atomise...
Official POTV Abyss Cleaning Guide - DOVPO

Official POTV Abyss Cleaning Guide

Hello Dovpo Community With the increase of Abyss users around the world we decided to reach out to the Planet of the vapes community (POTV) to ask for help in creating a guide to assist Abyss users in taking care of there device. This guide will help you strip the Abyss to clean up after any cap...
How Should We Charge Vape Device Safely? - DOVPO

How Should We Charge Vape Device Safely?

  Vaping has now become a very popular alternative to smoking. Besides, it is a great smoking cessation tool. You now need to learn the basics of getting the best vaping experience, and knowing how to charge your vape device is one key aspect you shouldn’t joke with. That’s why we bring it to you...